1.) SILLY DRAFT (krajnc/bartol) 2.) EVENT:EXTREME (bartol) 3.) EVENT (krajnc) 4.) APEX OF SWAY (bartol) 5.) BIRTH OF SOMETHING (bartol) 6.) SPEND MY TIME (krajnc/bartol) 7.) SILVER RAIN (bartol) 8.) CARCASSA (bartol) 9.) AVERAGE (bartol) 10.) EXTREME (krajnc) 11.) UPLIFT (bartol) 12.) LISTEN (krajnc/bartol)


After the solo project "Delay in Life" I was working on a different projects with different people in different musical styles, from dance to rock or metal in the role of pruducing to playing guitar or writing some stuff. I was a little tired of writing my own stuff and I want a band atmosphere! With my long time friend Armando we were planning any kind of project for very long time, he was a drummer but at that time he was totally in electronic music and show me some stuff he was working and I was amazed, because I was going in the same way! We put some old name of the project which never happend before and I was invited Damjan and Dalibor (Horse Control) and that was it! At the end was very difficult CD to make, because we were very busy with our activities and because we are home from different cities. There are a lot new sounds and a lot of new ideas and total new aproach of making music and people was very shocked when heard some songs! Maybe this project was out too soon for some and maybe they will listen a CD after ten or twenty years but for me was a great experience!

rack "event" time extreme set up 2001-2002