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 NEWS October 2021; The new instrumental album "This Dream For" is on Bandcamp for listening and includes 12 tracks. This is the first instrumental product after "Nightmusic" from 1994. In this strange times seems the only posible solution and in some kind of therapy way...   for today`s life! Enjoy!


NEWS May 2020; Vatomica "Eerie Music Request" is out on Bandcamp! Contains four songs that have never been released before and have been recorded at the "Lust for Divine" sessions. After this product the album "Tuning for Recital and Funeral" is finally released. it is a compilation of tapes made in 2010-2017 for theater, recitals and other occasions. On the YT channel, you can hear for the first time a shorter version of the song “Higher Thoughts” which is originally featured on the 1998 album “Delay in Life.” A shorter version of the song was recorded but never released.


NEWS February 2017; Finally I found enough courage and time to save my analog tapes from "Calamity´s Stories" and my big wish was to somehow recover and properly mixed those recordings from 1996. It was about six months to put everythig on disc, cleaned and put back in the form like it must be in the first place! You can listen tracks on You Tube site!

NEWS May 2015; 2015/05/19 new Vatomica album; "Lust for Divine", twelve new songs "Bandcamp", Robert Hutinski cover photos, Nenad Ostrovršnik cover realization, first singl "Take Apart" will be out in May 2015 on Soundcloud and My Space! On Demosand page you can listen song "Heart Slip". Listen Vatomica on AiiRadio and Spotify .

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NEWS March 2012; Three Unraleased songs on Soundcloud from Tanniyan Oreyssom sessions are here: "Obidien to Survey", "Myriad of Diverging" and "Nine Segment Luck". Songs were mixed in February 2012. Vatomica was also introduced in "Laski Bilten" Magazine at the end of the last year. Special thanx goes to Jasmina Storman for her great contribution.

NEWS September 2011; You Can Find Me EP is out and includes remix of a title track from "Tanniyan Oreyssom" album in new version. EP contains also two new tracks; "Matters" and "Regret of Diversion".On the cover of EP is also a new art work from Stane Klancnik. You can find EP on Itunes

NEWS April 2011; Nocturne Magazine No. 17 includes "Vatomica" track from "Tanniyan Oreyssom" on the CD sampler No.7. This is very special issue of the track, because this is different mix of the track. Thanx to Ana Lukic and Nocturne magazine to make this happen.

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