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2021/10/31; Sebastjan Bartol "This Dream For" . Release date on Bandcamp

2020/05/01; Vatomica "Eerie Music Request". Release date on Bandcamp

 2015/05/19 ; Vatomica "Lust for Divine". Release date 

 on Bandcamp

2015/06/10; A very special Vatomica´s web page for support of a new album "Lust for Divine"

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2016/09/01; Follow Vatomica and Sebastjan Bartol on Instagram

2011/09/14; Vatomica "You Can Find Me" EP

2016/01/10; 15th Anniversary of Against the Stream, listen remastered version of album "Event:Extreme" on Bandcamp

2016/09/10; Remastered version of album "Delay in Life" is on Bandcamp

2015/06/19; Listen Vatomica on "" with title track from the last album

vatomica ourstage

2015/06/07; Listen and download "Vison of Never" from Vatomica on ""

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2015/05/10; Vatomica "Take Apart"; first track from upcoming new album "Lust for Divine" on Soundcloud


2015/02/01; Sebastjan Bartol`s "Backyard Party" album is on Bandcamp


2014/07/23;    Sebastjan Bartol on the ReverbNation


2014/11/27; Listen Vatomica on


2014/01/25; 10th anniversary of "Substitute For A Heart" album! You can hear the complete album on Bandcamp!

2012/03/14; Three unreleased tracks from "Tanniyan Oreyssom" sessions on